Jordyn: Balancing Work, School and Parenting Is Possible

Jordyn Turner graduated from high school a month before her son was born.

When looking to go to college for the fall, she found help in her local CareerCenter.

Her CareerCenter consultant signed Jordyn up for the Workforce Investment Act Youth Program, and helped her research and fill out college scholarship applications.

“The CareerCenter was always there to guide me – whether it was questions with paperwork or reading over two-page-long essays.”

Jordyn completed her first year at Washington County Community College. She hopes to pursue a career in the medical field. She’s been working as a CNA at the Eastport Memorial Nursing Home.

“The most challenging thing about going through school is juggling being the single mom of an infant son and getting all of my homework done and keeping my grades above a B. I did not think I could have passed all eleven classes that I took this year with all As and one B.”

Jordyn is thankful to the CareerCenter for its part in her success.

“I have been going to the CareerCenter for over a year now,” said Jordyn. “My career counselor continues to work with me and she checks in often.”

Jordyn has the Washington County CareerCenter in Machias to thank for its encouragement and support.

“The help I received from my consultant got me through my first year of college,” said Jordyn.

“I am looking forward to finishing up my degree, supporting my family and forever thanking the CareerCenter. This program benefits anyone who needs assistance, and I’m not sure where I would be without it.”